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Movement disorders are neurological syndromes where they may be excess of movement or a paucity of movement that is not connected to weakness, paralysis of spasticity of the muscles. They affect the speed, fluency or smoothness, quality, and ease of movement.Parkinson’s disease is the best known movement disorder. It affects one in 500 individuals and in most cases is caused by genetic predisposition or exposure to certain drugs and toxins.

Surgery for Movement Disorder

    Surgery has become a well-established form of therapy in movement disorders such as in Parkinson’s disease(PD) and essential tremor (ET),especially for patients with symptoms that are refractory to medications or who have intolerable side effects related to medical therapy.Other movement disorders also appear to benefit from stereotactic surgery including dystonia, tremors associated with multiple sclerosis,and tics seen in Tourette’s syndrome (TS).

    The risks associated with this surgery are similar to those of pallidotomy and thalamotomy. Unlike making a permanent cut in the brain tissue however, the stimulation may be turned off if undesirable side effects occur.

  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery has offered a new ray of hope to the patients who cannot undergo traditional surgery either because of their frail health or because the tumor is located in an area which s too risky to access.

This operation involves placing an electrode in a part of the brain called the thalamus. An electrode is a special coated wire which sends an electrical signal. This electrode is one part of a three-part system that provides electrical stimulation to the thalamus. The system includes:

  • The electrode
  • A wire that is tunneled under the scalp to a site just below the collarbone
  • A pulse generator

Treatment Options

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