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Hernia is the medical term coined when an internal organ or tissue of the body moves into another body area which does not belong to it.
Hiatus is the opening in the diaphragm the muscular wall that splits the chest cavity from the abdomen. Hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach protrude into the chest via the Hiatal opening.

Patients usually do not have any symptoms but some might have heart burn which related to GERD. Patients experiencing heart burn may have chest pain which can be mistaken or confused with angina or heart attack. So it foremost important to get accurate diagnosis in time to prevent the further complications.

Hiatal Hernias can be classified into two types;

  • Sliding hiatus hernia: It is the commonest type characterized by the sliding of stomach along with the small part of esophagus into the chest through hiatus.
  • Paraesophageal Hernia:It is less common though serious form of hernia in which the section of the stomach press through the hiatus protruding it adjacent to the esophagus. It is dangerous as it can make the stomach strangled, viz. shutting off the blood supply to the stomach.

The exact cause of hernia is unknown most of the times. But the more possible causes of hiatal hernia are as under;

  • Congenital- The individual might have been born with large hiatal opening.
  • Increased and intense pressure on the abdomen and adjacent muscles while coughing,straining while bowels, pregnancy, obesity, or while lifting heavy objects.
  • Injury to the area

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