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A recent studies has the potential to combat the deadliest form of brain cancer, glioblastoma.

Hepatitis C- Now a Global Risk

Hepatitis C, also known as HCV is a global disease now, found in almost every country in the world.

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India – What is it?

Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (MIDCAB) or OPCAB (Off Pump CABG) is the minimally invasive procedure employed

The most common question in the minds of people coming for heart surgery in India is “Why is the cost so less?” Are we compromising on the quality of care? Would it be safe to get the heart stenting in India?

Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty is a common orthopaedic procedure that replaces the damaged or worn surfaces of the knee with an implant or “prosthesis” to relieve pain and increase mobility.

An eating plan that includes healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts isn't likely to cause weight gain, a new study finds.

That's good news for people who'd prefer to try the Mediterranean diet -- which includes healthy fats -- over a diet that's low in fat. And the study authors suggest that current health guidelines may be creating an unnecessary fear of these healthful fats.

A new study supports a claim parents have long made about children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- kids with ADHD don't sleep as well as other kids.

People who use powerful drugs called systemic glucocorticoids are at higher risk for life-threatening staph blood infections, a new study finds.

Intensive blood sugar control appears to reduce the risk of eye disease progression in people with type 2 diabetes, a new study says.

Vitamin D is crucial for good health, and may be one of the simplest solutions to a wide range of health problems, from diseases of the eyes to the bowels, and conditions rooted in chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction in particular.

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