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Heart stenting cost in India- Why so affordable?


The most common question in the minds of people coming for heart surgery in India is “Why is the cost so less?” Are we compromising on the quality of care? Would it be safe to get the heart stenting in India?

The answer is a big “YES” to your safety and “NO” to compromise when the procedure is done by a well-trained surgeon in a good facility. Your risk of undergoing surgery in India under proper medical care is just the same as the risk of undergoing surgery at best hospitals in the world. The important thing is to find the right provider.

Before reasoning out why the cost of medical treatment in India so less, let us know what Angioplasty is and what it entails.

What is angioplasty?

Angioplasty, also known as coronary Angioplasty or Heart stenting is the minimally invasive procedure to widen the blood vessels which have been stenosed or blocked because of Coronary Artery disease or deposition of plaques in the arteries supplying blood to the heart.  The building up of plaques is called atherosclerosis, which if not treated and can lead to heart attack.

Angioplasty is done under sedation in a Cardiac Cath lab by an interventional Cardiologist and takes about an hour.  A catheter is introduced through the groin and a needle and guide wire is inserted into the artery.  A balloon at the tip of the catheter is taken to the site of narrowing and expanded and deflated to relieve the blockage. A stent is then left in place to prevent the arteries from closing in future.  The stent is a small and expandable metal device usually coated with medicine and forms a permanent scaffold to hold the coronary artery open even after the balloon is deflated and removed.


The patient is monitored at the hospital for 1 day and if you are travelling from overseas, you would need to stay in town for a week before you can go back.

Cost of stenting in India

The cost of coronary stenting in India starts from as low as USD 5500 and varies depending on the quality and number of stents used, surgeon and the facility where you choose to get the procedure done.

The cost is low not because the quality is inferior, but because of two main reasons. One is because of low cost of endowment in India and second, the exchange rate regime is highly favorable.  1 USD= 68 INR and 1 GBP= 98 INR makes it highly favourable for people from Western countries to have surgery in India.  It is worthwhile to note that reputed providers use FDA approved stents, hospitals accredited by NABH, ISO or JCI and the doctors trained at best medical schools in the world.

Like everywhere else, there are bad apples in the basket, but you need to do your homework well.  Find the right provider with whom you can be assured of quality care and right cost.

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