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We, Surgicure international group which are going to provide the super specialty care in the form of advance method and technique in neurosurgery, spine surgery orthopedics surgery, cosmetology, where our aim is to train and teaching latest advances in the above branches our doctors are trained and has hands in there specialty they are pioneer in there department example in neurosurgery how to perform retractor less 3rd ventricles tumors, minimal invasive resection tumors in pediatric patients, modern technique in spine surgery, spinal cord tumor resection, malignant brain tumors, aneurysm surgery, etc and method to perform patients safety in the form of preoperative methods and post-operative care.

Patients presently tend to travel overseas for neurosurgery, spine surgery orthopedics surgery, cosmetology as well as regular dialysis sessions or neglect the same, delaying timely treatment at a nascent stage of the underlying pathology in view of cost considerations and financial compulsions. By ensuring provision of quality care in the home country, a large number of patients can be provided treatment services, having a two pronged benefit – economic benefit against investments made and social benefit by minimizing risks of preventable complications of basic pathological conditions, thereby improving the health index and supplementing economic growth of the countries under consideration.


Why Indian doctors?

  • India has been growing as a favored destination for medical tourists worldwide.
  • Indian healthcare offers specialties in various medical disciplines and has highly experienced medical practitioners having trained in UK and USA. Medical treatments are carried out in state-of- the-art facilities that have been accredited to conform to international standards.
  • The typical current scenario of the international medicine, where the cost of medical treatment is skyrocketing in the United States and Europe, India’s healthcare service comes as a relief to patients from all over the globe. India certainly and confidently boasts of a medical care that supersedes in quality and affordability.
  • The disparity is proof of the cost-effective nature of Indian medical treatment. This leaves scope for combining a holiday along with the medical treatment for many holiday seekers. Amazingly, you still spend only lesser than what you would have, in order to undergo the same medical treatment in some of the western countries.
  • Equally proficient doctors and nurses, offering round the clock service to the patients, complement our healthcare facilities here. With great hospitality and service being our practice, a comfortable stay in fully equipped and luxurious rooms is then assured.
  • The biggest advantage is perhaps the fact that the faculties of the hospitals are English speaking, facilitating proper communication and interaction. Hence, it erased any alien feeling for foreign patients, who are given the opportunity to relate with an identical nationality.
  • Indian healthcare serves you at every point of your journey; from the point where you access our healthcare services, arrive at our airport till you departure from India. The simple touch points of service provided helps you to plan your treatment in India with much ease.

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Kalewadi Phata, Pune

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