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Surgicure Internation provides complete healthcare consultancy services, ranging from planning to execution and implementation of healthcare projects. Surgicure Internation provides administrative support, IT infrastructure, training of medical and paramedical personnel, as well as solutions for medical and surgical supplies for mid-level and big hospital groups.

The name 'SURGICURE’ is a reference to the underlying principle of the Group – “specialty cure by modern surgical techniques n method with ethics” and is a symbolic image of the vision of its founders to ensure provision of effective healthcare services for all global citizens, irrespective of the numerous cultural, economic or geographic differences and distances.

The team at Surgicure Internation is well equipped with technical expertise and experience to comprehensively assimilate projects in Hospital Consulting and Healthcare activities from conceptualization, execution, operational management to project management. The Group is organized as an agglomeration of divisions. These divisions work in an integrated manner while maintaining work distinction and responsibility in their specialized activities and niche foci. All projects are subject to scrutiny by the various divisions as required.

With our precise domain knowledge and managing industry dynamics, we ensure that we create and operate quality healthcare organizations and facilities, help clients with best models of systems and policies to generate sustainable results.


Key Functions

  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Advisory
  • Hospital Management
  • Equipment Planning
  • Information Technology
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Process Restructuring

Services Provided

  • Hospital Operations Management / Hospital Management for functional facilities
  • New, Expansion and Remodeling of Projects / Hospitals
  • Hospital Survey / Market Survey and feasibility studies
  • Hospital Facility Planning and Commissioning of Projects / Hospitals
  • Hospital Equipment Planning
  • Human Resource Assistance
  • Marketing Support
  • Financial Planning and Accounts
  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Developing SOPs, Policies, Tariffs, etc.
  • Restructuring of existing business processes
  • Operational and Retainer Management Consulting
  • Hospital Management Information System Consulting

Treatment Options

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