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Neurosurgical Missions in Africa

Neurosurgical diseases have a dramatic impact on society and on economic conditions in developing countries but, unfortunately, are not on the radar screen of governmental or private health or support organizations. In East Africa, traumatic brain injuries, congenital malformations, and infections of the central nervous system affect children and the most productive part of society and are currently not treated effectively. In East Africa, here is currently one neurosurgeon per 9 million people, while in the US the ratio is 1: 62,500.

Our mission is to provide medical training and education to physicians and other medical personnel in Africa in order to create independent, self-propagating, and sustainable medical care. We believe that aid without training creates dependence whereas training and education offer independence and dignity. We hope to achieve this by training surgeons at various Hospitals that can provide primary and emergency neurosurgical care with a focus on neurotrauma, birth defects, and congenital disorders and infection of the central nervous system.

What have we done so far?

Training of local surgeons: local orthopedic and neurosurgical surgeons have been trained in spinal instrumentation surgery and craniotomies for trauma. Independently, they have continued to perform these procedures successfully in peripheral area in India where there is lack of trained and skillful doctors available.

Treatment Options

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